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Very nice... Good stuff :D

I have watched all of your toof(tooth) flash movies. This one I thought was one fo your best, eventhough, most of the people that reviewed this said it wasn't your best work... I on the other hand, thought the (japanese) baseball tooth was an ingenius idea :D it was very funny and kept my attention. Then the unexpected happened HE THREW THE BALL lol.. and it hit the other tooth omg(o my god) that was hilarious. I never saw that coming...

Anyway you said you didnt want a cookie
well heres some icecream i hope mint chocolate chip is acceptable.

*hands you a quart of mint chocolate icecream* *just removed from a 30 degree freezer*

DoubleHelix Signing out.

Well...this is not a 5/5 movie.. more like a 2/5.

Tops.. that anyone should give you is a 2.. be serious... stop lying to yourself this is not a quality movie... the guns are nicely drawn? maybe not even that... theres a few flashes you took into account recoil on the gun... but the blood looks fake.... and the bullets are flying yellow lines... If your going to make a short flash it has to be highier quality then a video game for people to vote you a 5... Dont get me wrong, for a stick only flash site this would do great, but this isn't a stick only flash site, and you can't be taken seriously for posting a stick animation...

are u kiding me?!

that was one sick nasty flash... All i have to say is, that may be worthly of going on my ipod.... WOW!!! Dude perfect coloring, great shading, pretty funny idea. Graphics were like 12, sound 11, interactivity 4(only play button), humor 6 the other people showing up in the backround :D, violence 0 i didnt find anything violent lol.... Style 11-13

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if you made it longer it would be sick :D i love it

The-titan responds:

:D many thanks!

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